Suspended Heart: Ethereal Cloud

2011 - 


The formlessness of clouds and smoke provided Li Chen with the inspiration that led to “Ethereal Cloud.” At the same time, the abstract nature of clouds is also a source of creativity for the artist. In his earlier works “Spiritual Journey through the Great Ether” and “Visiting Fairyland” (2004) and “Riding the Wind” (2007) viewers can see cloud elements, an approach revisited in the stainless steel casting of “Ethereal Cloud” (2011) series. However, merely copying the appearance of clouds is not enough for LiChen, so this series of works seeks to express the very essence of clouds. In terms of ideas, the clouds and air in this peace are a metaphor for the soul and this is the first time the artist has used such hard materials to try and create a sense of air, which he uses to focus to explore the depth of memory in changing times. 

The first direct feeling one has when viewing “Ethereal Cloud” is its transient and fleeting nature. In terms of texture it is continuous and imbued with a hint of warmth. Whether clouds or smoke, the fresh feel of a brand new morning or the fragrance smoke from an incense stick, it floats in the air, formless, like longing. Ongoing works include “Way to Wisdom”, “Violence”, “The Contingencies of Life”, “Glorious Sun”, “With the Flow”, “Turbulence”, etc. All of these pieces are imbued with the Li Chen’s alterative interpretative logic and are extremely spiritual in nature.

Ethereal Cloud- it is the shape of the soul, the face of one's memory, the embodiment of an enlightened moment. (Li Chen)



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