In Search of Spiritual Space: Spiritual Journey through the Great Ether

2001 -


Seeing these tensions in the Chan philosophy context, they are about the void that is not the vacuity, and the right balance of what is intrinsic and what is transcendental, which must come into a synthesis in the viewer’s mind. “Tension” is not quite the right description of the kind of push-and-pull tussles in Li Chen sculptures, as they look completely serene and resolved, only because they stimulate the mental processes in the viewer of an animated mass between mass and void.

There is a clear sense of a childlike innocence and a curious timeless wisdom to be found in Li Chen's art. If sculpture reinforces our own humanity, then Li's work certainly does this in full, with a sense of humor, a limitless energy, and a generosity of spirit that Western-influenced, hard-edged metal sculpture work does not possess. Li's vigorous embrace of the best qualities of Buddhism allows us to smile at ourselves and to see the wisdom of seeking peace in a turbulent and malevolent world.


Reference: Ian Findlay-Brown, Asian Art News & World Sculpture News Editor, In Search of Spiritual Space in In Search of Spiritual Space area)










Float to Sukhavati





Floating Heavenly Palace





Wisdom Bodhisattva





Fulfillment Bodhisattva





Clear Soul





Flickering Moonlight





Soothing Breezes Floating Clouds





Collective Consciousness






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